SNOCAT – Saving Nature One Coupon At a Time

A program that allows kids and their families to take actions that help nature directly and allows all of us to live with nature without destroying it

Kids in the 3rd to 6th grade age group participate in the SNOCAT Challenge by completing coupons at home with their families.  Typical coupons are:

  • Build a frog pond and identify the frogs by their calls
  • Upgrade your light bulbs
  • Eat a family meatless meal once a week
  • Visit a national or state park
  • No electronic games or TV for one day
  • Buy some fruits and vegetables at a farmer’s market
  • Write a paper about an endangered or invasive species
  • Take a long walk with your family

The impact on biodiversity and sustainability determines each coupon’s point value with bonus points available for some of the activities. 



SNOCAT – Saving Nature One Coupon At a Time – Empowers Kids at Home

Parents can obtain SNOCAT Coupon Books on this website HERE.  Each child should receive a SNOCAT pin to wear while they are working on their coupons.  Parents may offer rewards for completion of cumulative points.  Shirts, hats, backpacks, and other items with the SNOCAT logo may be ordered from a third party HERE.  

When an activity is completed, the coupon is initialed by a parent or guardian and brought to the child’s challenge group – for example a school classroom, scout troop, 4-H club, church group, or other group.  Typically, total points are tallied for the group.  Progress can be shown by coloring in bar graphs.  Groups can compete against other groups.  Scouts may be able to earn ecology and environmental merit badges.  Kids learn the power of taking actions to save nature.  You can read and download simple instructions for creating a SNOCAT Challenge for your group of kids by clicking here.  [GETTING STARTED]  This site also provides free downloads of Suggestions for successful SNOCAT Challenges and Tally Sheets.  [See Order Here]

SNOCAT – Saving Nature One Coupon At a Time – is Local and Repeatable

Choose from many different SNOCAT Coupon Books HERE.  The coupons selected are based on four age groups and cover these categories:

  • Helping Animals
  • Gardening
  • Saving Resources
  • Reusing and Recycling
  • Eating Fresh Produce
  • Reducing Litter
  • Getting Out and Doing Something
  • Displaying Talents
  • Organizing Events

Hats, shirts, SNOCAT Pindiscounts and other rewards can be provided by local sponsors.  Local group leaders and sponsors determine how they want to run a SNOCAT Challenge and what incentives will be offered.  Different grade levels/age groups can be provided with appropriate coupon books.

SNOCAT pins like the one shown at the right are available for participants.

Contact for additional help and guidance.